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tv   [untitled]    November 10, 2010 11:30pm-12:00am PST

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increase speeds in the area. we only tested the model of a couple of times. we do not have a validated model, but we have turned it over to the city, and they are excited to be using it to work at some other options. these are the existing conditions which shows queues as far as the eye can see. this is what happens when the giants have a game in the afternoon. we have a proposal to turn up the sixth straight into southbound. the other thing we are doing, we are talking with caltrans. we want to move the hov lanes on the sterling ramp to the north side. we think we can do all of this
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and keep things in balance and even improve the situation. what we found working with this, the way the freeway is configured eastbound, it causes congestion on the freeway and the streets. as we go forward, we want to reconfigure to see if we can pick up some capacity. this is just a summary of what i just said. if we make any improvements in the morning on essex street, in the morning, we have to coordinate that with what we are doing in the afternoon. >> to get a better understanding of the issues, best practices, implementation options. the other thing that will feed into the bay crossing study, which mta is soliciting for now. that is all, thank you.
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the report will be on the actransit website. >> did you conclude oil prices going up? the numbers may increase dramatically if oil prices go up. >> that is right. if oil goes up, less people would drive, and we could probably make the system work better with less improvements. >> we have not had a chance to review this. [inaudible] [inaudible]
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very concerned about the contra flow. at the present time, our operation is such that in the morning [inaudible] that causes some congestion. but not enough to not allow us to do that. with an additional lane being talked about, i think that would be a concern. secondly, having a positive barrier separating the contra flow would also cause concern. and the incident in the lane would shut down the lane. [no audio] there is no way that the bus or truck could get out of the lane. the recent pricing on the bay bridge has shown there is a
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reduction of about 10,000 on the bridge itself. we need more data. we have been only talking about this for the past few months. that needs to be incorporated into the document. i think it is good to look at access to the bridge, more so than actually how things happened on the bridge. we are still trying to get the capacity close to 40,000. you said it is 36,000, five lanes. we are trying to get it up to 40,000. the last point is also to incorporate the information that would be coming out of the bicycle study on the west side. that has other connections,
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potentially in the same area that this study is looking at [no audio] making the connection to the island and finally making the connection to pike utilities. >> just on a couple of those points, we have been talking with the consultants who have been working on that study. i agree with you that the issues of how we deal with maintenance -- one of the recommendations, going forward, will be identifying those issues and putting them together. it is true, except the new bridge will have a shoulder. it only becomes an issue on the suspension part, which is only a
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mile and a half, but you are right. it would have to be factored in. we are taking public comments until the end of the year. we have been working closely with caltrans on this. we have been talking to them the whole time, but it is true, we just gave them the model about two weeks ago. >> thank you. now on the funding update, i would like to have nancy willett present that. >> wheat just allocated 9.6 million in phase one. we are meeting with others and we recently submitted our reimbursement proposal. we hope to see those funds flowing to us soon. on pace to we are continuing our efforts to seek funding. we are in the near term looking
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for funding for the technical studies, to keep that moving forward. that is all i have for today. >> and i would like to have tom give us an update on the spe. >> good morning, board. i wanted to give an update on the sbe activities. on october 20, we had a bid for the opening tg-1901 package. that is on the calendar today for approval. their lowest bid was at $663,000 to relocate and to build the interim screen wall at 301 mission. in november, we will have a really busy month. we have a big opening for the
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tg03 excavation package on november 20 -- i'm sorry, november 9. we will also have been openings as well for the 4.4 san -- and 4.3 package, which are both part of the site utility package. we have meetings for both of those packages on october 27. continuing with our reach efforts, last wednesday, we participated in that event. on item 27, at the galleria design center. it was very successful, and we will continue doing our outreach efforts moving forward. >> thank you. now, our demolition update. >> good morning, steve with turner construction, construction management oversight. another great month working on the demo progress. no incidents, injuries, or accidents.
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we removed the existing budgets leading into the existing terminal, remove the bus deck, roof, and walls. demolition contractor continues salvage operations inside the existing terminal, and the abatement work continues throughout the project. the archaeologists completed their work at the west end of the project. just as a reminder, the demolition phasing -- we are in that pink phasing, the phase two work, as of saturday the 30. we removed all the structure across fremont after three successful -- success of closures of fremont, and we will start working on the closure across first street next weekend. the archaeologists work being completed, some of the items that are being salvaged, some of the signs and benches, and everyone will remember cuddles
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getting loaded up and ready for storage. the abatement or spot of bateman had to be done in order to remove the seal. here is a picture of the demolition of the roof of the bus and deck and the outside walls. as of this morning, if you came by the private, they have completed about 2/3 of the removal all the way over to the west end. you can see daylight. they will continue taking walls down in this fashion with a nibble the top down so as not to spread the debris on our neighbors. it has actually been very well contained. no complaints. a couple of weekends ago on fremont street, they were taking the structure down, and that is what it looked like about two weeks ago with the entire removal of the roof deck and the walls.
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as i said before, to date, over 11,000 -- nearly 12,000 kraft hours have been completed. bay area labor has contributed 11,184 hours or about 94% of that labor. just taking a quick look at the time line, the events coming up through november by the weekend before thanksgiving, we will have the first street crossing completed. early november, and of this week or next, they will start working on some of that utility relocation in order to check all the as bold and move on from there. if there are not any questions, that is the end of my presentation. >> directors, that concludes my report. >> i want to offer a comment on the information and executive director's report. in my fellow board members and
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ac transit have been very concerned about the number of benches, the lack of bathrooms, and the function ability of the canopy, so i'm happy to hear that you have increased the numbers and you are looking at availability of the bathrooms and will be conveying that information to my fellow board members. thank you. next item, public comment. >> [inaudible] address the authority on matters not on today's calendar. >> good morning. i'm appearing before you today to ask that the problem, insofar as african american people are concerned, and i have made a request that this agency give
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us, as the president of the african-american contractors and truckers association -- how many african-americans are working on these jobs? how many of them have contracts, if any? people refuse to do it, and i think back as we petition the federal government to find out how many african-americans were in afghanistan and the iraqi war, it is around 27%. about 18% of them are returning to the united states. out of that 18%, about 9% are severely injured and hooked on some form of drug, and most of them are moving back to the same communities. one of the things that is
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bothering me about this whole thing is every time something new starts, black people are always left out. the bay bridge got built, and they thought it was a milestone because a black contract got $300,000 worth of work on that bridge of about $7 billion. on the hetch hetchy, about $150,000. african-americans have received. on this project, we have tried to get that information, but they refuse to give it to us, and the reason i'm appearing before you -- i would like for that information to be made available. how many african-americans are working with those contractors? how many african-americans are getting contracts with those contractors? it has been our experience that the contract is the same, as long as we hire minorities, we do not have to hire blacks.
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that explains why in san francisco, 42% of african- american men between the ages of 15 and 45 are unemployed, but yet, they say -- i hope that we can get something accomplished by coming before you and asking you to make available to us that information of how many contracts go to african- americans, how many african- americans are working with each one of these contractors, and one of the things you know, these contractors are given low prices, but what most of you do not know is some of these truckers are working from fresno and other places in california, working for $68 or $70 an hour. there is no way for a trucker in san francisco to work for $75 an
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hour. something needs to be done about it to see to it that these contractors pay a decent wage to the truck owner/operators. >> thank you, mr. walker. let's move to the consent calendar. please read the items contained in the consent calendar. >> all matters are considered to be retained and will be acted upon by a single vote. directors, we have not received any indication that members of the public or the board was to have an item seven. items are approval of the minutes of the october 14, 2010 meeting, and authorizing the executive director to issue a joint french -- trench authorization letter. >> so moved. >> i have to recuse myself from the minutes.
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>> [inaudible] >> i was not here also, but my understanding is you can still vote on the minutes even though you are not present. >> oh, really? ok. >> i was here. i have reviewed them, and they look good. director daly: i second the motion. >> aye. daly aye. church aye. ortiz aye. 4 ayes and the consent calendar is approved. item eight, authorizing an amendment to the construction manager/general contractor services for the construction of the transbay transit center
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building and related structures to update the terms of the agreement to incorporate construction of the rail levels of the transit center in the project of the bottom of sequence to clarify which elements are now included in phase one and phase two of construction, to revise the construction schedule to seven years and cm/gc fixed fee to $71 million, and to modify related contract language. >> this is a resolution authorizing the tjpa to amend contract the 08-04-cmgc-000. with the joint venture joint -- of webcor builders and obayashi, this comes from the
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successful attainment of a grant to construct the rail levels of the transit center in phase one. the amendment of dates the terms of the agreement to incorporate construction of the rail levels in a bottom-up construction sequence, to clarify the scope of construction, to revise the construction schedule and cmgc fee and modify related contract language. in march 2009, you approved the initial contract reward and directed the staff to move forward in a phase one elements of the transit center valued at $500 million. the work was to commence in september 2009 for five years. in june of 2009, you authorize staff to include design of the below-grade levels of the transit center in phase one construction. following that, in october 2009, you approved an amendment from a
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marked up of 7.8%, to a direct costs and fixed fee of $39,050,000. this was equivalent to the 7.81% of the $500 million, and it was done to conform with requirements issued by the u.s. department of transportation. in january of this year, yearfra and that -- the fra announced the award. on may 13, you adopted a revised baseline budget and schedule, which inc. the construction of the train box into phase one. staff concluded months of negotiation to and then their contract, and the primary changes of the contract include the following -- increasing the estimated contract value of our program from $500 million to $910 million, which reflects the arra grant, modifying the fixed fee by $50,000 to $71 million.
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this reflects the increase in the direct cost, as i just mentioned above. increasing the contract duration from 1825 days to 2255 days, reflecting the amount of time it will take us to do the real box portion of the program, clarifying that the construction method is now a bottom-up construction, no longer using the top down, modifying division 0 and the division wants to further clarify the scope and responsibilities of webcor obayashia, and finally, guaranteeing the tjpa a lower fee because funding may become available or to execute additional work beyond the contemplated seven years. at this point, staff recommends the tjpa board of directors authorized amending the contract and to update the terms
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of the agreement as described to you in his presentation. at this point, i would be happy to answer any questions you may have on this item. >> thank you. are there any questions? them a percentage of hard costs is the same. we are just suggesting the fee to attract hard costs. >> correct, and it is identified in contract as a fixed fee. >> item has been moved and seconded. >> no members of the public have indicated they wish to address you on this item. church aye. 4 ayes. item eight is approved. >> item 9 please. >> item 9, an amendment to contract 08-04-cmgc-000.
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>> directors, we have a report on this item. >> good morning, directors. i am the principal engineer at tjpa. i reviewed the contract and the bid. it is a well-balanced bid. they are an sbe. they have four small subcontracts. they are doing 71% of the work
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themselves, which is per their normal track record of previous jobs. this is a well-qualified contractor, and i would recommend authorizing webcor/obayashi to enter into contract. any questions? >> seeing none, is there a motion to approve this? >> numbers of the public have indicated they wish to address you on this. next item, authorizing the executive director's for the services to federal grants, for
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him, and other matters of thomson coburn. >> this has to do with federal grants and a gimmick, and they have worked with us before. is there any question about this item? >> i have one question. the million-dollar deposit is set to be applied on the account. >> we pay them for actual hours worked, but we do not pay on a retainer basis. >> no members of the public have indicated they wished to address you on this item? 4 ayes and item 10 is approved. >> i guess now, we recess for special meeting for closed session.
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>> we have not received any indication that any member of the public wishes too >> okay, the tjpa board of directors meeting is now back in session. >> as to conference with real property negotiators regarding the terms of the exclusive negotiating agreement any purchase of the property from the tjpa, there is no action to report. >> with that, we adjourn this special meeting of the board of directors. >> thank you.
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>> the san francisco ethnic dance festival is one of the jewels on san francisco sculptural crowns. this is in its 32nd year of showcasing the celebrated dance troupes. this year will be one of the past with four new works representing kondo, afghanistan, china, mexico. -- congo, afghanistan, china, mexico.
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more than a hundred 30 ensembles and soloists auditioned in january for a slot in the ethnic dance festival. in the end, 37 companies were selected to perform. 26 of those performances are world premieres. >> each year, we assembled a panel of dance experts that is made up of academics, scholars, researchers. people have been working for decades in the field. many of them came to this country in the seventies and have trained the next generation of dancers. they are proud to see many of these students at the these masterful levels. this was one of the best panel'' we have ever had, extraordinary
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people. at the end of the process, they rank their top groups which are then merged into a master list. >> performers are judged on stage presence, costumes, and innovation. >> the four programs are created around an exciting and dynamic range so the soloists and groups selected each weekend will have enough dynamic range to be a society overall to are experience. >> hundreds of dancers from different countries need each other, compare stuff, and make new friends. this has resulted in new cross- cultural collaborations'. >> one of the extraordinary things is


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